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This is my artwork.




Neowuf by neowolf
Finally a new reference for my fursona!

I'm happy with the results, the black fur was a pain in my eyes to do, my monitor is really shit and I can't see black shades, should look fine in a calibrated monitor, maybe even too bright.

I can call this done ! for now..

EDIT: Changed to a more black fur and fixed the forehead
Werewolf Angry by neowolf
Werewolf Angry
Exploring a mode dynamic pose and better light set up. I'm happy with the results, the fur is a lot more soft.
next one will be better, I promise!
Werewolf 3D by neowolf
Werewolf 3D
I'm very happy with the results!

The hardest part is done, I can play more with the fur design but I like the direction is going.

After a few fix I can play with poses, and add color to the fur (it's default white now). Add new color to the fur and poses is the fun part, also play with new lights and background.

He is ready to animate, but I'm no animator, maybe I can try a basic walk cycle, this model is pretty heavy to my computer, well, any 3D fur model gets pretty heavy.
WhiteWolf by neowolf
Old model, testing the AlShader with Arnold and paint over with SAI 2
I really liked how this come out, was not expected. The new model will be even better.


Artist | Professional | Digital Art

Graduated in graphic designer 3D Modeling and working as a freelancer.


Current living in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.
I can go to USA (NJ) too.

Commission: Soon
Art Trade: Closed
Colab: Looking


  • Species: Werewolf
  • Genre: Male
  • Role: Alpha/dom
  • Likes: Books, Fountain pens, strategy games, RPG, animals, rain and snow.
  • Dislikes: Addictions, Egocentrism, Greed, Blame
  • Life objective: Inspire people to do cool things, cultivate virtues and self discipline, do the best in what I do

Tips are very appreciated, any cent helps, send me a note with your name to know how you are.
Thanks ^^…
So , I'm here thinking about how would be the perfect werewolf game for me...

One idea for me would be 4 or 5 players to make a proper pack, and would be a tactical game, I played The Division recently and I loved the environment. It's big, have lot of space for the garous run great distances, I love the feeling Okami have when running around in four paws too.

White wolf said they want to unify the world of darkness, I want to unify the Garou design. That means, make then in 3D to look FUNCTIONAL, realistic, and make it work in 3D environment of a game. Hell yeah.

I don't think a cross over of Werewolf and Vampire for PC game will ever work, vampires would be NPC... I know Paradox want to make a vampire game anyway, but I doubt a lot will be a Garou playable.

I think been a tactical game the player would have to choose very wise what form to be, human to use firearms, feral to use the run advantage, or big Crinos to the brute force against bosses.

I think would work well in a rock, paper, scissor style for the 3 main forms human, crinos and lupus
The glabro and hispos would be more of a temporary buff for human and lupus, not a form with all the power in itself

I really want start to make more equipment for my garous, so far, all art I have done is with naked garous, I want give then more objects, and have a more game mind designer approach to my art, maybe I'm turning into a concept artist ?

I wish I was better at making environment too, as I said, The Division environment is what I'm looking for, but to get into that level I would need to have a HUGE arsenal of props pre made they have.

I know white wolf have back all the game design, environment, everything CCP was working on the game World of Darkness for Vampire. How knows if I make enough concept art of a werewolf game they don't make a right turn and make this dream come true ?

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